Common Good VA

When Terry McAuliffe began his campaign for governor, he promised Virginians that if they elect him, he would spend every day building a stronger, more equal and more prosperous Commonwealth.

Governor McAuliffe is making good on that promise by creating jobs, expanding economic opportunities and making Virginia more open and equal to all people.


  • Governor McAuliffe has announced 889 economic development projects worth $14.49 billion in capital investment and creating more than 185,100 jobs...more than any other Governor in Virginia history.

  • Virginia’s unemployment rate is 4.2%, which is the lowest since August of 2008 and the lowest in the Southeast United States.

  • Under Governor McAuliffe’s administration, agricultural exports have increased substantially totaling $3.35 billion in 2015, surpassing the 2014 benchmark by 14%.

Budget /General Assembly

Governor McAuliffe worked with Republicans in the General Assembly to close a $2.4 billion budget shortfall while protecting core priorities like education, expanding funding for his Healthy Virginia plan and economic development and getting state employees a much-needed pay raise.

Governor McAuliffe turned that deficit into a $549 million surplus thanks to a rebounding economy and a wisely balanced, bipartisan budget.

In 2015, Governor McAuliffe worked with the Republican General Assembly to pass 70% of the legislation his administration proposed making enormous progress on issues like transportation funding and planning, education, veterans, workforce development and ethics.


Virginia became the first state in the nation to functionally end veteran homelessness by making it rare, brief, and non-occurring. In fact, 2,553 veterans have been housed since October 2014.

In August 2015, Virginia hired 11,000 veterans through the Virginia Values Veterans program. As a result, Gov. McAuliffe set a new goal of hiring 20,000 new veterans before my tenure is completed. As of December 2016, that goal was reached with more than 20,646 veterans being hired as a result of this program.

Under Governor McAuliffe’s leadership, Virginia has added two new care centers one each in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads as well as a adding a 40-bed wing to the Sitter and Barefoot Veterans Care Center.


Governor McAuliffe ensured no cuts to K-12 state funding and helped secure a pay increase for all of Virginia’s hardworking teachers.

Governor McAuliffe convened a task force to consider key reforms to the Virginia Standards of Learning. Those recommendations resulted in successful legislation to reduce the number of tests, allow students to quickly retake tests they nearly passed and to use more technology to make tests easier. The Governor will continue to work reform the SOL’s to focus our education system on creative thinking and cognitive development, not memorization and test taking ability.

Governor McAuliffe helped secure $17.5 million from the US Department of Education for the Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI). As a result, 11 school districts are helping 13,000 students below the Federal Poverty Line (200% or more) with a quality preschool experience.

In 2015, out of 1,823 schools, Virginia had 1,414 fully accredited public schools, a 10-point increase from last year.

Making Government More Open and Accountable

When Governor McAuliffe took office he signed an Executive Order placing a $100 gift ban on himself, his family, his administration and members of their families. He was proud to then convince the General Assembly to pass similar legislation so that our entire government can function in a way that gives Virginians the confidence they deserve that we are handling their affairs with the utmost transparency and accountability.

Keeping Families Safe

Over the past two years, Governor McAuliffe has led the national conversation on reducing senseless and preventable acts of gun violence. After the horrific shootings of two journalists on live television at Smith Mountain Lake, the Governor signed an Executive Order taking a number of actions to better enforce Virginia laws in order to keep guns out of dangerous hands. While Republicans in the General Assembly continue to block progress on common sense issues like background checks, Governor McAuliffe will do everything in his power to keep families safe. 

Making Virginia Open & Welcoming

Governor McAuliffe was thrilled by the Supreme Court's decision to legalize same-sex marriage and he took action immediately to recognize marriages in Virginia and to permit same-sex adoptions. He is the first Governor in Virginia to perform a same-sex marriage and he will continue to work everyday to make our Commonwealth more open and welcoming to everyone, no matter whom they love.

Governor McAuliffe pledge to be a brick wall to protect a woman's right to make her own health care choices, and he kept that promise. He reformed the Virginia Board of Health to repeal onerous regulations designed to shut women's health clinics down, so that Virginians can continue to access quality and affordable care near where they live. And he has pledged to veto any further efforts to inject government into decisions that should be between a woman and her doctor.

Governor McAuliffe has restored the rights of more Virginians than any previous Governor. Over 15,600 Virginians have regained their voting rights and furthering his priority to ensure all Virginians have the opportunity to exercise their voting and civil rights.

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